fbcoverWe are a warehouse company in Raleigh, North Carolina offering warehouse storage services to your clients. We manage and operate customized storage space. We have trained employees in our team who know the advanced automated system of warehousing. They know how to handle equipment and materials safely.

We offer both dedicated and shared warehousing for our customers. We take care of all the regulations of customs during the storage period. The goods can be repacked if customer demands. We offer integrated logistic services. In our cross docking service, we receive bulk goods and make sure they are broken down appropriately and sent to different destinations. We also consolidate goods that came from various destinations and load them on transport vehicles to send to respective destination. The cross docking service improves the speed of delivery and reduces storage costs. We also provide terminal management, pallet management and container handling services.

Our storage facilities are spread countrywide. We offer clients storage area that is near their biggest customer base so that it’s easy to transport. This improves services to customers as they receive goods faster. Storage cost is also reduced. You can rely on us for your storage and warehousing needs. It will give you more time to concentrate on your main business.