3 Common Pricing Models for Storage Space in Raleigh

Space is very expensive now. The need for additional storage space is increasing day by day. So, individuals and companies are looking for ways to keep their personal or business items. Renting a storage space can save you a lot of money. There are many storage facilities in Raleigh, NC. Here are some:

Self Storage Solutions

This facility provides self storage solutions for both personal use and business. They provide normal containers and pallets, along with climate control units also. We provide multiple sizes of storage.

Our prices are:

Box size Price/month
5’X5’ unit $60
10’X5’ unit $75
5’X10’ unit $75
10’X10’ unit $110
10’X15’ unit $135

Turner Farm’s Self Storage

It provides lots of clean and well maintained containers. The prices are reasonable too. Here are the costs of its storage facilities:

Box Size Price/month
5’X5’ unit $65
5’X10’ unit $75
10’X10’ unit $130
10’X15’ unit $135
10’X20’ unit $200

Economy Storage

It provides household storage facilities only. It provides storage services at a very economic rate.

Box Size Price/month
5’X10’ unit $59
10’X10’ unit $89
20’X20’ unit $194

A number of storage spaces are available in Raleigh, NC. The price of each storage vary according to location, the type of storage, size of storage and the duration the storage is to be occupied.  There are special storages to keep refrigerated items.

Price of these storages will be higher. Some storages use automated storage and retrieval system. These stores will be more secured and expensive as well. The containers are being monitored throughout the day and night to make sure they are secured. When choosing storage space to rent you should select one that is near to your location. This will make it easy to store and retrieve the products from your location.