Storage for Individuals

4684-500x333Here at Archive NC, we provide individual secure containers for storage. These containers are provided for both domestic and commercial purposes. This saves a lot of money for the individuals as they don’t have to rent a property to store their goods.

You can store anything in these containers, for example, I.T systems, archives, stock items, furniture, etc. You basically can keep anything that you want to keep secure and safe for some time. To do this you don’t need to commit to a long term contract. Only a week’s notice is sufficient.

We free you from the hassle of bringing your items to the storage facility and later retrieving it, we will go to your house to pick up the items and store it in our facility. We have service that is tailored to the needs of each client. Our drivers are very friendly and helpful. They will always help you in loading and unloading your items from the truck or the van. We have people who will also help you in securing your items inside the container. Once the items are in the container, all containers are stored on a computerized system. The system is monitored at real time to make sure that your container is safe.

The table below shows our rates for the different sized containers:

Unit Space/Size Per Week Per 4 Weeks
16ft² = 1.50m² 7.50 30.00
20ft² = 1.85m² 9.00 36.00
25ft² = 2.30m² 11.00 44.00
35ft² = 3.25m² 15.00 60.00
50ft² = 4.65m² 17.50 70.00
75ft² – 6.95m² 25.00 100.00
100ft² – 9.30m² 30.00 120.00
125ft² – 11.60m² 36.50 146.00
150ft² – 13.95m² 43.00 172.00
200ft² – 18.60m² 56.00 224.00

Storage for Individuals – storage services for people, description, prices depending on duration and area, etc…