Storage for Companies

Companies can rent storage in warehouses to keep their goods, instead of renting a property. This is cost effective and hassle free. Storage facilities for companies include:

Pallet Storage

This is one of the most popular ways warehousing company charges for storage. Pallet sizes can be 48X40 to higher up to 4-6 feet. This is for bulk storage. But if you want you can put the items into smaller pallets instead of using one big pallet. It will be easy to organize. The number of pallets will increase though. The cost will be the total price of all the pallets. Pallet storages normally cost $6/pallet/month and can go up to $15/pallet/month depending on the size and location of the pallet.

Cubic Footage Storage

This is another way of charging storage. The storage price can be calculated automatically by typing in the dimension of the cubic footage storage in their management system. In this storage there is no extra charge for the dead space, unlike pallet storage. Lot of management is required in this type of storage. Cubic footage costs starts from $.25 and can go up to $.45 per cubic foot.

Square Footage Storage

It is a less common method of calculating storage fees. It is used for bulkier products which cannot fit into pallets or racks. A set price is charged for every square foot in this case. The company may be charged depending on the amount of space used as well.

Many factors affect the cost of warehouse space. Location is a major factor. If the storage facility is located in a place where the real estate prices are higher than the storage charge will also be higher. Costs also vary depending on whether the warehouse is owned or leased. Number of control requirements can also affect storage pricing. For example, storage that requires refrigerating may cost higher.