5 Simple Methods to Improve the Order Picking Process

Order picking is the process by which items are pulled from the inventory in the warehouse in order to fulfill a customer request or order. Most of the cases, the process is simple. Employees and supervisors can do this with very little training. But it can also be complex at times.

For example, when the order picking process is fully automated using warehouse robots. Employees in such case cannot enter the warehouse floor unless a major problem is incurred. The process of order picking can be improved in the following ways:

1. Piece picking method

In this method the order picker only goes and collects products required for one order only. An employee goes around the warehouse along with the order list and a container to carry items. The picker takes out each item following the best route. This is a very effective method of order picking.

2. Zone picking method

In this method, a particular zone is specified to each order. The order picker will only recognize items in this zone. One worker is in charge of each section. Items are pulled from specific sections to fill in orders. The container has to move through many sections before all the items are found, thus making the order complete.

3. Wave picking method

The order picker collects items for multiple orders.

4. Sorting systems method

An automated system is used to bring the orders to the person. No movement occurs in the order picker.

5. Pick to box method

A number of picking stations are connected by a conveyor.  The box is filled with items from one station before moving to the next station. The box keeps on moving this way until the order is complete.

All these are very efficient methods of order picking that has been tested over and over again. Using any of these methods will provide good results.